Dashcam Manufacturer

Dash Camera

See more, drive safer

Full 3-lane Coverage

Wide Angle Record

In order to reduce blind spots, the Manufacturer Dash Camera uses a 170° ultra wide angle all-glass lens, which monitors 3 lanes comfortably. The camera is highly sensitive, enabling accurate and detailed capture recordings.

Recording Front View
+ Rearview Camera

Dual HD Recording

Wi-Fi Sharing

4.3' Touchscreen

Collision Detection

Voice Control

Night Recording

More Control

4.3 Inch Touchscreen Gives
You More Control

The Manufacturer Dash Cam employs a high-quality rearview mirror’s high transmittance material that blends with the car. With only a glimpse at the 4.3 inch touchscreen you can check the traffic situation and take control.

Emergency Recording

Protect the evidence when you need it most
The Manufacturer Dash Camera has a built-in 3-axis gravity sensor with low, medium and high sensitivity, which is activated in case of an emergency and automatically backs up the footage that won’t be deleted due to insufficient storage or loop recording. 

Don't lose any vital details

Capture license plates, signs and street names

Even if a dash camera can capture the scenes of an accident, the footage becomes useless if it fails to show the most important details.
With Manufacturer Dash Camera you always have hard evidence when you need it the most.

You command, it obeys

Voice Control

The AI voice command technology made by YI makes voice control easy and efficient.

It currently supports video recording and emergency image capture, with more capabilities coming in future firmware updates.

Real-time playback through your phone

Integrated Wi-Fi

After installing the APP on your phone, you can use the Manufacturer Dash Camera’s built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to download and transfer directly to your phone for evidence, or share memorable journeys with your friends on social media.
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